Let the children fly…

Posted by bryanzug - 2008/10/25

So let the children fly,
and question all they see.
They’ll grow up wise and penetrate
the life that lives unseen

“When” by The Call, from the album “Let The Day Begin

Roo & Tug —

The last few years have been busy — at work, at home, in our spiritual community — across the distributed places God has planted all of us as a family.

One thing that this sort of busyness drives me toward is reflection — particularly toward the things I pay attention to.

Let’s face it — after the maintenance of life, there are many amazing ways to spend my time — art, film, story, books, philosophy, friends, writing, the creative life, rest, play — the list goes on and on.

And through all of these, I wonder —

What is the best use of my time and attention?

When I am confronted by a collision of best things, all radiant in necessity and wonder — which things should fashion a consistent rhythm in my life?

Thinking long and hard about this, I’ve decided to begin writing some notes to you.

What follows are reflections on the keepers I’ve picked up along the way — things I’ve picked out of the pocket fuzz — stories that’ve stuck as I’ve wandered among the star fields.

So buckle in kids — from what I know of the journey so far, it’ll be some kind of ride.

— Daddio

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